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Lomo fisheye camera

Today I received a package containing no less than 4 cameras with fisheye lenses. "Business must be going well" you might think... Not that it isn't, but if I tell you the cameras are from Lomo, you might start to realise it's not actually all that impressive price-wise ;-)

The art of Lomography is to 'shoot from the hip'. From wikipedia:

SPi-V @ Eurographics 2005


HTC components in XP Service Pack 2 (2)

The page getting by far the most hits on the site is my entry about HTC components in Windows XP SP2, due mostly thanks to a mention on Peter Nederlof's page about the csshover component (which I am currently using in the site, thanks!).

I got a couple of questions on how to change the mime type of HTC files, especially if you don't have access to some server settings, and/or you are not that .htaccess saffy. On I'm missing some override permissions, so I needed a workaround myself. Here's what I did...


Back online

Working offline

This post was made on a local copy of the website. I am trying to upgrade Drupal to version 4.6 (up from version 4.4.3)

So far, things are going ok-ish. What kept me back before was that I did some customisation to the menu module that isn't even available for Drupal 4.5 and up because parts of its functionality are now in a core Drupal module. As a result, the menu system will need some work to get it back to where it was.

One of the neater modules available in Drupal 4.6 is the tinyMCE WYSIWYG module. It's a pretty dramatic improvement over typing HTML code into a standard text area. Unfortunately it conflicts with the linewrap filter in Drupal, so I am turning that off for new content. But then again, posts made through other interfaces such as XMLRPC should ideally still use this filter so users don't have to add <p> tags manually...

What it feels like to be a yellow tulip

My camera breaking was especially irritating since last weekend was the IVRPA Panoramic Flower Power Weekend; A gathering of a small number of IVRPA members, visiting the Panorama Mesdag exhibit and several flowery events. Fortunately, Jan van der Woning lent me his D70 body so I could make some panos anyway.

I have probably seen enough flowers to last me the rest of the summer, but this is what it feels like to be a yellow tulip.


The black plague of S2 cameras

Last friday night, I found out that the camera I use for my panoramic images (Fuji S2 Pro) had ceased to work. Or rather, it works fine but only records black images. After only 22 months of use and about 5000 shots, it struck me by surprise (I rather like the camera).

It turns out that it is a common with S2's in my serial nr range, judging from this dramatic list of S2 failures. Fortunately, word on the proverbial street is that Fuji is replacing the dead CCD at no charge.


Oostende Kite Festival 2004 panoramas

After attending a couple of kite festivals for a couple of years, last year Tessa and I were officially invited to attend the Oostende Kite Festival 2004. That was our first invitation, based on how some of our kites looked... We had a great time!


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