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Oostende Kite Festival 2004 panoramas

After attending a couple of kite festivals for a couple of years, last year Tessa and I were officially invited to attend the Oostende Kite Festival 2004. That was our first invitation, based on how some of our kites looked... We had a great time!

The 2005 edition of the festival is right about the corner, so it is high time I posted some of the panoramas I took at last year's festival.

I especially like how the panorama of the candy dropping turned out. The girl right in front gives the panorama a lot of depth. The blue-ish kite is carying candy that's falling down for the children to pick up. The panorama clearly captures two seperate positions of the kite in the sky, and children running after it to catch the candy.

We're definately planning to attend this year's festival, showing off Tessa's Pucca kite, and hopefully Garu as well...

Update: We were invited to attend this year's festival as well! Jippie!


I promise to try to start building Garu this coming week-end...