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My Second Drupal Contribution!

Now I promise I won't do this for all patches I send in, but I'm once again proud to be contributing to Drupal, the software behind this website.

This time I sent in a patch to the core of Drupal, and even though it is not receiving the warm welcome my Notify mods got, some of my code may make it to the CVS version ;-)

The patch I sent in allows visitors to use the calender (currently on the right of this page) to browse articles by month. "So," I hear you say "you couldn't do that before?". Nope, but you can now...

I'ld best be doing something about that

Ain't it SPi-V?

As part of my Ain't it SPi-V? tour, I'm off to Stuttgart in about an hour.

The tour basically is me attending a couple of cool events, showcasing the panoramic display I have been developing over the past year and a half or so. If you have never seen my panoramic work, you'ld better check out, though those demos are beginning to get quite old. The SPi-V engine is starting to reach a stage where ik can make it public, so expect some cool new demos in the coming months.


My first Drupal contribution!

With lots of trial and error I fixed some issues with the Drupal contributed email notification module. See

You'll notice that I'm showing a certain clumsyness sharing my patched code, but that's because this is my first time contributing code to a larger project. I'll have to look into CVS and such. Needless to say, I'm very proud either way!

In short, if at some time your drupal goes haywire, from now on it just might be my fault ;-)

Next up in my drupal work is the archive.module, which is part of the core of drupal!

Topics (2)

In preparation of the new theme I'm working on, I swapped the menu blocks left to right and vice versa. (Amazing, isn't it?)

With the help of a very nice patch, I now have the topics working almost as I want them. Only interested in what we Hoeben's write about cars? Follow this link. If you have a broader interest in everything gadget? See here. The cool thing is, you can even get a p


Don'ts on the web

Name four things you don't want on the web:

  • a (large) plugin download that closes your current browser windows
  • registration before you can see content
  • a popup to an unrelated site
  • spyware / 'optimizer toolbars'

Hmm... that's funny... Shockwave now has all 4!
And they're telling us it's a good thing.


TabletPC experience

So, after 2 weeks of having Tabitha around, how do I like it? Turns out I like it/her so much, this is the first time in 2 weeks I find myself behind my main computer; I have to get some development done, and I have all my development stuff on my desktop PC (Clarisse). That, and I like having just that little bit of extra screen realestate. (1280*1024 vs 1024*768 resolution). But other than that, I liked working with Tabitha so much that I didn't touch my desktop much. Perhaps the mess on my desk vs the clean and quiet living room table where I put Tabitha has been of some influence too ;-)


Kinderdijk: Panoramic kitsch

Following the succes of this first World Wide Panorama weekend back in march, where I participated despite of the bad wheather, last weekend saw second attempt at showing the world what panoramic imaging is all about.

Whereas last time round, every photographer was free to make a pano of whatever wherever he/she was during the designated weekend, this time there was a theme: it was decided to support Tito Dupret's initiative and make panoramas of World Heritage sites.


I'm moving!

One of the reasons I'm not being an active blogger, besides the fact this blogging is new to me and I'm just a busy guy, is that Tessa and I are in the process of buying a house. Exciting stuff!

Problem is we can not move into the house untill the current owners move out. We agreed on a date no later than december 1st. We're hoping we'll move before our current house collapses...

In the mean time, since I'm too much of a nervous wreck to do any decent work, I have been working on some improvements on the website.

Here name... She's sexy!

My tablet arrived. Now I'll be the first to admit the lyrics to the N.E.R.D. song I quoted for the title of this post are a bit odd outside the context of the song, but she is sexy! She will be known as "Tabitha".

First impressions:


It's on its way...

[image:12,left]Oh, the suspense... Will it make it over the ocean?
Will it make it through customs?
Will it arrive before the weekend?
Will it arrive undamaged?



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