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Experimenting with drupal, I have now added a set of topics for blog entries, or a 'taxonomy' in Drupal. One of the neat things things about topics/catagories/taxonomy terms is that you can use them as a filter for the website, showing only content of a specific (set of) topics/catagories/taxonomy terms

It would be nice if all family members had their own set of topics that they could edit and moderate themself, but drupal doesn't readily allow that. On the other hand, 'sharing' topics is very interesting too, as for example my brother and I both like (buying) gadgets, and now we can create a single gadgets blog.


Drupal or MT or...?

When I first started tinkering with hosting blogs on, I thought it would be a nifty idea to base it on phpBB. One of the sites I visit regularly is, and I liked their idea of the whole phpBB based 'portal'; everything that happens on the front page comes from somewhere in the bulletin board. Different authors have different (moderation) rights, and the whole thing looked pretty spiffy to me.

Toying around with phpBB I found out that it just wasn't ready to do what I wanted: have a number of differently styled weblogs, and have them aggregated on a main page. Sure, with some hacking and slashing, it could be made to publish rss streams, and have different parts of the system display different themes. However, I found that creating themes was far too complicated, and tweaking the system to my liking was looking hard.

Email submission test

One of the things that should be relatively easy to
add to this site is the ability to add blog entries though

Don't underestimate the power of

First post

Welcome to my weblog. Welcome in fact to the whole new

I have been thinking about doing something usefull with our family domain ever since we bought the name off of a cybersquatter last december. Who would have thought 'Hoeben' is a name worth stealing? Apparently, the squat wasn't all that succesful, since the domain was sold relatively cheap ;-)


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