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Sziget 2007 panoramas

For the third year, I joined Andras Frenyo shooting panoramas at the Sziget Festival in Budapest, Hungary.

I arrived at the third day (the Panotools meeting in Lucerne coincided with the festival), so I missed out on Within Temptation, the only Dutch act of the festival; Even with only one Dutch act, I was somewhat surprised at the number of Dutch people at the festival.

Still somewhat new to my S5, I was pleasantly surprised on some occasions with the high ISO performance. The following shot was at ISO 2000. Sure, it is not the sharpest panorama you have ever seen, but much of that has to be attributed to the Sigma 8mm at F/5.6...

On the last day of the festival, I wrapped my camera in a plastic bag, taped most of it watertight (except ofcourse the front element of my fisheye lens, and jumped in the MOL Body Wash. Great fun ;-)

Check out all the panoramas at the Sziget 2007 site!


Hi Aldo,

Was just wondering how you manage to freeze all the action, like in the Body Wash, as if it were taken in one shot! I've always had problems getting people to not move while I shoot my vr with a Nikon 10.5mm lens, usually avoiding having people in them altogether. But yours look so great, especially because they really feel like they are in the middle of something happening with lots of people! Any tips you can pass along?

Many thanks and great work!

Thanks for the compliments!

The secret is to work fast*, and use a short lens. For most of the photos above, I used an 8mm lens. For the bodywash pano in particular, I used more than the 4 photos I'ld normally use for a panorama, and applied a lot of photoshop to get them all together.

*: I never use the viewfinder for shots like this. Always keep looking around, where all the action is. A tripod is not always a good thing, it can get in the way of moving around quickly. Practice handheld shots.

Wow, I'm impressed you can get all the pictures to match so well together shooting handheld! Takes practice I'm sure. Will start experimenting myself. I usually need about 6-8 shots with my 10.5mm lens. The wider 8mm probably helps a little.

What do you use for initial stiching? Something like Realviz Stitcher or PanoTools?

If I shoot handheld with my 10-17mm (@10 mm), I shoot 8 round (easier to eyeball than 6), and a zenith and nadir. So that is 10 shots in all. For the 8mm, I usually only shoot 4 shots round, and not zenith/nadir.

I use PTGui for stitching. Can't beat that...