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Web standards: CSS, XHTML, XML, RSS, XMLRPC and more trendy acronymns

Variable height liquid float galleries with JQuery and Prototype

On the IVRPA sites (among other sites), I am using floated divs to create a gallery 'table'.

One of the known caveats of the floated thumbnail gallery is that all the thumbnails need to have the same dimensions, otherwise the floats break (see demo below). Having the thumbnails all be the same dimensions is one, but what if you want to have a (user submittable) caption to go with the thumbnail? There's no good way to influence the vertical dimension of that caption (or title, description, etc). So here's what goes wrong:


Print gallery updated

Now that I am self employed, I'ld better look busy, right? I have finally updated the panoramic print gallery on with images from the 'van 4 kanten' exhibition, and some others I had not yet published.

Not only are there lots more images to enjoy, there's also the - er... - spiffy lightbox.js-inspired thickbox effect. Irony has it that thickbox is actually lots lighter than lightbox; I really like the lightness jquery as opposed to prototype/ (if only because of the punctuation of the latter). This was the first time I was really 'bitten' by the difference of quirks mode versus standards mode in Internet Explorer though... Oh well, another day well spent.

Hacking around the Eolas patch the ugly-as-sin way

The Eolas vs Internet Explorer case has been getting a lot of attention lately, since it is almost time the patch is released in the wild. To make a long story short: Internet Explorer 6 and the upcoming version 7 will display plugin content differently from the 'seamless' experience we're used to. Whereas most plugins (Flash, Windows Media) will 'only' require an additional click to enabled interactivity, some plugins such as Quicktime and Shockwave result in an ugly dialog box when they are found on a page. The official workaround has authors rewrite each HTML page containing the 'offending' tags substantially.

HTC components in XP Service Pack 2 (2)

The page getting by far the most hits on the site is my entry about HTC components in Windows XP SP2, due mostly thanks to a mention on Peter Nederlof's page about the csshover component (which I am currently using in the site, thanks!).

I got a couple of questions on how to change the mime type of HTC files, especially if you don't have access to some server settings, and/or you are not that .htaccess saffy. On I'm missing some override permissions, so I needed a workaround myself. Here's what I did...


HTC components in XP Service Pack 2

Well, that took only half a day of fiddling...

Since the Windows XP Service Pack 2 includes a significant update to the Tablet PC part, one of the first things I installed when my tablet finally arrived was installing the SP2 public preview (RC2 at the time). I noticed a few bugs, and was happy to see most of them gone in the RTM version I am running now.

One of the odd things I noticed was that SP2 broke the transparency of my PNG files. I am using a HTC component to properly display PNG transparancies on a couple of websites. The neat thing about this approach is that it requires only a single reference to a CSS file, and there is no additional scripting that could confuse other borwsers. However, after installing SP2, transparency was gone.

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