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Skizzie start up!

After long deliberation and consideration it finally has happened. Starting February I'm going freelance. Standing on my own two feet. It's kinda scary, no safety net, but also really exciting. My spanking new website is located at: Skizzie. I say "website" but really I mean "splash". At least until I find the time to design a real website. With any luck this will never happen because I'm way to busy ;-)


Habemus Datum

June 6, 2008


Tessa said Yes!

After climbing 545 meter over an 13 km hike, I asked Tessa to marry me. Fortunately, Tessa said 'yes', under the watchful eyes of three marmots. Click the image to enjoy the moment (and to find the marmots).

This is your chance to invest in a piece of history

The house I grew up in is for sale.

This is your chance to own a piece of history. You never know, I might become really famous ;-)



Update time, in no particular order:

  • After a year I quit my job. I got fed up with the 4 hours a day commute, and decided to take my chance and try to be a fulltime panorama photographer -dash- mad scientist. I thought I'ld have lots of time on my hands now, to do all that I have been wanting to do for so long but couldn't. Alas, I am still too busy to do it all. Dang.
    As an aside, as far as I know, Avinity is still an interactiondesigner short, so if you're a designer with aspirations to influence how people spend a considerable part of their day, give them a lookover. They're a great team to work with.
  • Since my Eolas hack got famous (wow, it's just a silly hack!), jumped from ~400 visitors to around 1500 visits daily. Amazing.
  • is yet on another server, at another host. is Live!

Tessa is not the only one at who's enjoying a fresh new job. Around november last year, my "company" studioPKO (note the quotes) contracted a big job at the Digital Home group at Conexant in Bilthoven. When the group started to spin off, I was asked to join the technology startup 'Avinity'.

Ain't he cute?

A while ago Frank asked us (Aldo & me) to create a cover for his thesis. Since Aldo is always swinging any number from 2 to 8 jobs at a time and I was having a bit of spare time between jobs I decided to take on the challenge.


I've got a new job! Hurrah!

Yes, it's really true, it has finally happened. I'm switching office desks. I think Aldo is even more excited than I am. Finally, a new topic of conversation :-)

I'm switching to tremani, a little (but somewhat bigger) design agency. My new job starts in mid August.


When you've just moved in, every day is boxing day!

Tessa and I have finally moved to our new home. Actually, we had some professional help moving our stuff over to the new appartment on december 17th, but we're still not done painting walls etc.

Before we moved in, I took a panoramic image of all the rooms. I was 'simply' planning to do a before and after transition, like I did before at the ID-Studiolab. Something I hadn't thought of immediately was that I could use the panoramic image to pick and evaluate different paint colors. We finally settled with 'rich' and 'trout' for the living room (how do they come up with these names?)


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