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First post

Welcome to my weblog. Welcome in fact to the whole new

I have been thinking about doing something usefull with our family domain ever since we bought the name off of a cybersquatter last december. Who would have thought 'Hoeben' is a name worth stealing? Apparently, the squat wasn't all that succesful, since the domain was sold relatively cheap ;-)

So what made me finally do this, and start hosting the Hoeben family weblogs? Was it my father dieing last week? Was it me allowing myself some rest and 'fun' toying with PHP and MySQL after this week's events? Or was it some helpful guy at the Drupal forums who helped me out?

Anyway... lots remains to be done on this site if I am to convince my bothers and sisters to start their own weblogs. The most challenging bits will be to give every blog its own style (while keeping things consistent), and making it easy for my family to post things. May the Drupal be with me.