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Print gallery updated

Now that I am self employed, I'ld better look busy, right? I have finally updated the panoramic print gallery on with images from the 'van 4 kanten' exhibition, and some others I had not yet published.

Not only are there lots more images to enjoy, there's also the - er... - spiffy lightbox.js-inspired thickbox effect. Irony has it that thickbox is actually lots lighter than lightbox; I really like the lightness jquery as opposed to prototype/ (if only because of the punctuation of the latter). This was the first time I was really 'bitten' by the difference of quirks mode versus standards mode in Internet Explorer though... Oh well, another day well spent.


Beste Aldo Hoeben,

Via de website van Panorama Mesdag ben ik op jouw site gekomen. Graag zou ik meer informatie willen ontvangen.

VFD Architectenbureau is verantwoordelijk voor het ontwerpen van het interieur, de aankoop en plaatsing van kunst op de luxe Holland America Line cruiseschepen.

Graag zou ik een prijsindicatie van je werk ontvangen. Werk je ook in opdracht?

Met vriendelijke groet,

Carolijn Nelis

VFD Architecten BV
Huizingalaan 189
3572 LL Utrecht

i came across this page accidently,and i was stunned by looking the picture!!really a fantastic one...actually i did not understand what is about ad what is it?could you please explain this picture to me..all i see is some grass,a house,a cow or something!!dont know what exactly is it?

It's a hyperbloc view of a number of cows. I created the image from a full 360x180 degree spherical panorama using Flaming Pear Flexify