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Tessa is not the only one at who's enjoying a fresh new job. Around november last year, my "company" studioPKO (note the quotes) contracted a big job at the Digital Home group at Conexant in Bilthoven. When the group started to spin off, I was asked to join the technology startup 'Avinity'. I really like doing my panoramic work, and like how that is finally picking up, so I decided to drop my job at the ID-Studiolab and join Avinity part time.

Avinity experience

It's great to be working as part of a small team of experts. Among a codec specialist, (embedded) linux gurus and Wifi veterans, I am the 'expierence engineer' at Avinity; I create what the end user sees and interacts with. Since we're such a small team, I also did the corporate identity and website for the company. After finding our unique spot in the Digital Home market and getting deals done, the Avinity website is now finally live, just in time for IBC, the annual "broadcast and related technology" conference in Amsterdam.

Unlike many technology startups, we already have a product on the market. Sitecom's WL-124 Wireless Media Player is based on our technology and includes 'my' interface. But just wait and see what we are working on 'in the lab'...

So, things are changing once again. Soon(ish) I will completely drop studioPKO and focus on fieldOfView. No more websites (except a couple that are panorama-related, such as Panorama Mesdag, the IVRPA (not yet my work), and the International Panorama Council (ditto)). I would have thought that would give me some more time for my panorama-work, but up to now things are still very busy. Well, I guess I'll have to live with that.


And so will i...