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2 modules in drupal-contrib

I've been putting lots of time in the IVRPA site. Most of it is behind the scenes work to keep things running, and I fairly often get to contribute changes to Drupal modules back to the Drupal project. But now for the first time, I have contributed 2 new modules to the Drupal project, which I will maintain myself.

'me aliases'
Provides shortcut paths to current user's pages, eg user/me, blog/me, user/me/edit, tracker/me etc.

This means logged in users no longer have to know/remember their uid, and it makes it easier to link to user-specific pages from a site help page (without resorting to using php to put $user->uid in the link).

After installing and enabling the module, site administrators can specify any number of aliases containing the fragment 'me'. The module uses the menu system to replace /me/ in a request with the user's uid, and forwards the request to the newly formed url. Making an alias for user/me also enables user/me/edit, user/me/edit/Personal+information, etc.

re: comment subjects
This module, once installed, fills in a default comment in the comment form. The subject is derived from either the title of the node, or the subject of the parent comment. This title takes the familiar form of 'Re: [parent comment tile]'. If the parent already starts with 're:', it is not added a second time. Users can still change the comment title to something else entirely.

Though both modules were designed for the IVRPA site, I found them useful enough to install on and the SPi-V developers website.



can u please give me an example of 'me' aliases config? i have: user/me, blog/me on to separate lines.. how do i have to write them so it would work?

If you have user/me and blog/me in the settings, you should be able to go to /user/me on your site (eg: I know that's not all that overwhelming, but it means you no longer have to remember your user id. On community sites with many users, that user id can become pretty meaningless. Advanced users will start to learn their user id (I am user 7557 on

Also if you want to send someone a link to their own profile (or blog) page, instead of having to look up their user id, you can just send /user/me. Note that /user/me/edit also works if you have entered user/me in the settings.

comment_subject module works only with enabled comments titles in admin/comments/configure ..
in my site i turn off comments titles, and want to recive comments rss-feed with you module functionality (Re-subjects)! how can i do this?

If you submit an issue on the re:subjects module issue tracker, I will see about adding support for the 'no comment titles' scenario. (otherwise I'll probably forget)

ok! thanks!!!

The 'me' alias by no means is a very convenient module, great job and very creative indeed.

However, a word of caution should be exercised. Not all the users understand the backend mechanism or the "fluid" nature of Drupal, and soon they will starting give out links to their friends or other web sites with the "me" alias, even it is meant to be a user-specific page. I believe it would be nice to drop a few lines in the readme file to serve as a caution so the administrator will not abuse this convenience.