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New IVRPA site went public

If you've wondered why I have been so quiet, that's because I have been far too busy doing far too many things.
One of those things is building a new site for the IVRPA, which I just released to the world!

The new IVRPA website project started - ahem - more than a year back. Since then, I joined the IVRPA Board of Directors, and the new website has been my brainchild since. Like, and the SPi-V developers' site before, I based the IVRPA website on Drupal. But for the IVRPA site, I've had to take my Drupal knowledge to a whole new level. From advanced theming to lots of smaller and bigger patches contributed to the Drupal projects/modules that make the IVRPA site tick and even a small module of my own... To keep up with developments of the site, I recommend keeping an eye on my developer blog over at the new site.

Things to look out for on the IVRPA site are the member directory and member gallery (with snazzy lightbox effects), both integrated with google maps, as well as yummy web2.0 tag clouds. Oh, and don't forget to check out the lickable logo in the upper left corner, the (member-submittable) header panoramas subtly shine through!