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Safari offset redux...

Oh dear... Seems there may be more to the Safari offset problem/fix. After playing Shockwave 3d content (any hardware accellerated content, not just SPi-V), Quicktime VR file display with an offset.

To repro, first open this link on showing Times Square. Notice how it displays where it should, horizontally centered in the frame.

Now open a Shockwave 3d piece in the same window (such as's Cooper Mini). Hurray! Using the latest version of Safari, that displays as it should as well.

Finally, return to Times Square, again in the same window, and the Quicktime VR content displays at an offset.

I have not been able to repro this with normal ('linear') quicktime movies, but all the Quicktime VR objects in the hardware gallery are broken, as are the panoramas at the World Wide Panorama project. Opening the movies in another window fixes the problem.

Update: sent in a bugreport


I think you're right though.. I think Aaron specifically targeted Safari users with a non-scrolling, teeeeeny comment box!
(checked FireFox and its the same size, but at least has a scroll bar!!!)

That does not make any sense to me