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Kites subtheme

More than a year ago I outlined some grand plans for the theme. One of the ideas was that I wanted to be able to give each family member/blog and each topic a sub-theme. IE: mostly the same theme as the rest, but subtle (or not so subtle) changes to reflect the content of that section of the site.

This is now finally somewhat possible, and I have subthemed the kites topic as a showcase. If you're reading this message on its own page, you should already see the subtheme. If not, head on over! Do scroll down for an additional nice touch...

The kiting subtheme currently looks a bit better in a non-IE browser (since it's using transparent PNG backgrounds and the common tricks to get that working don't seem to work on

Note that this is all CSS trickery. There are NO differences in the HTML that is being served, apart from a reference to an additional CSS file for the theme.