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Hannibal Little-one has passed away...

...and with it, the Era of Great Hamsters has ended.

Hannibal was the last hamster I had in a long series of midget hamsters, named after emporers and kings. He and his twin-brother arrived some 2 and a half years ago to live in the castle of Amersfoort; the bigest house ever for one of my hamster to live in. Yet they probably lived the most confined life of all.

He and his brother were twins - I couldn't come up with a good name for them both (can you name a famous royal twin?) , so I called them Hamster 1 and Hamster 2. Hamster 1 never liked to be confined to his cage; on several occasions he escaped his cage to join his brother (Hamster 2), or play with the cats. Because of these daring achievements, and because the land he thus concurred (against all odds I might say), his posthumous assigned name will be Hannibal Little-one.

Hobbes and I will miss him (for different reasons). We will miss the era the hamsters represented! Yet, we look forward to the Era of Great Cats - so; the question is; should I now buy a Jaguar? - Just kiddin' ;-)...



My condolences...

My condolences. May Hannibal the little-one rest in peace. The two sisters of hamster 1 and hamster 2 are still alive. They are huge (the two fat ladies) I expect one of them (Aleesha) to soon follow her brother because she can hardly climb the little stairs to het food. However, it turns out that even in the hamster-world women have a longer life than men!

It turns out that one of the fat ladies only survived her broter for a few days. Matty the shy hamster passed away peace fully in her sleep. Although she was a bully to her sister, on her own she was a very shy and nervous little lady. May she rest in peace.

Last night the last of the hamster siblings passed away. Aleesha was a brave and sweet hamster. She liked to discover and conquer the world, just like her brother, Hannibal-little one.
May she rest in peace.

sorry to hear about your hamster.
I am looking for Maarten Hoeben who came to my wedding in the UK in July 2000. Is this you? If it is, drop me an email
If not, apologies.

Dag Maarten. Kort door de bocht: Gijs van Schoonhoven adviseert mij met jou te gaan chatten. Heb jij skype?