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First images of the surface of Gliese 581 C

Gliese 581 C, an Earthlike planet spotted outside our solar system is the first found that could support liquid water and harbor life, scientists recently announced.

First images of the surface of Gliese 581 C

On the first panorama off the surface of the planet, which has 5 times the weight of the earth, we can clearly see forms of vegetation. The sky, colored by the system's red dwarf 'sun' Gliese 581, shows clear signs of a faint atmosphere.

Look around in the interactive version



G'day Aldo,

What pano head were you using for this shot? With 5 times earth gravity it must have been a very strong head & tripod for that matter ;)

My other question relates to colour. Did you shoot RAW? If so what is the industry standard for colour correction on other planets. ie do we correct for our sun colour in the afternoon, or for the other planets sun colour? I gather in this instance you've chosen the latter.

And finally I hope you got 'travel fees' in addition to you usual shoot fee for this work ;)

Thanks, Aaron.

Actually Gravity on Gliese 581 C is only 2.1 times that of earth (because gravity is a function of both mass and radius).

Travel was a blast, but I am now 40.2 years older than before I went there.

So how much money would 40yrs of your life be worth? That's an interesting question to ponder. Without thinking too deeply about it I'd so no amount of money is worth 40yrs, but then for we know we could drop dead tomorrow, so we've lost our precious 40yrs (and the rest) anyway.

A bit too deep for a light post :)


Are you always so negative Aaron? You're right 40 yrs is too much seeing as there may never be a tomorrow but some peope die for what they believe in. If it took one WILLING man's lifetime to discover lifeform on Gliese 581 c shouldn't we let him? besides Earth won't last forever... Gliese could someday be our descendant's new home...
Cleveland high
June 12, 2007

How did u travel to Gliese 581 C considering if you traveled at lightspeed which we all know is physicly impossible it would take approx: 01 year, 01 month, 18 days, 19 hours, 12 minutes, 00 seconds.
and if you traveled in an average space shuttle made for distant traveling in space going at a constant speed of 58,741.056 km / h it would take approx: 36,786 years, 06 months, 02 days, 08 hours, 59 minutes, 18 seconds.

so what method of transport did you use and when can i buy it?

Aah! I'm an alien! I suspected this as a child, but it's good to have outside confirmation in the form of a panorama shot 5 miles from where I grew up...


It all makes perfect sense now...

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gracias for reading