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the commandLine on OSX

Yesterday I got all excited about this post on Not because of the apple script hack to send a command to a Director Projector in OS X, but because of this sentence:

"Beware: 'the commandLine' doesn't get set for a few seconds after launch."

I have been trying for ages to get an OS X projector to accept files dropped on it. I finally succeeded in altering the projector resources using the excellent Rezilla resource editor, but was highly disappointed to see the whole thing break in Director MX 2004. The commandLine property would always return "", no matter what I'ld drop on the projector. Turns out I just had to be a little more patient, literally.

Coming soon to an OS X machine near you, a native version of my Fisheye Viewer. And in due time, a standalone SPi-V viewer will follow!

I send a thank you message to Christophe Leske who runs, and added how to change the resources of a projector to accept files. He has now updated the original post to include my comments. Neat.