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SPi-V for Flickr updated

Two weeks ago, SPi-V for Flickr stopped working for newly added images. A shame, because SPi-V is getting quite a following over at Flickr.

'Lines' in Snow

Previously, SPi-V for Flickr (my panorama viewer for SPi-V) was using XSLT to transform Flickr RSS feeds into SPi-V compatible XML files. A neat demonstration of the versatility of XML as it was, it stopped working when Flickr changed the way differently sized versions of the original image have different (but similar) urls.

The good news is that last week, I rewrote the SPi-V for Flickr script to use the Flickr API instead of RSS streams, and SPi-V for Flickr is now back. In rewriting SPi-V for Flickr, I added support for sets, which is quite nice. As an example, here's my set of infrared panoramas on Flickr.

Update: The minute I posted this blog entry I found that Flickr had yet again changed the way urls for image originals are handled, breaking older panoramas for non-pro members. Fixed that (but getting a bit fed up with Flickr now...)