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REALVIZ VTour and SPi-V3d: step outside the box

REALVIZ and fieldOfView jointly announce the availability of updated versions of VTour and SPi-V 3d.

VTour uses REALVIZ' image based modeling techniques to create 3d scenes from panoramic images. I was asked to write a viewer that displays the resulting scenes. The SPi-V3d viewer is an extension to the core SPi-V engine, which combines the panorama-features of the engine with the exciting capability to step outside the box of a panoramic image.

Ever since Canoma, image based modeling has been a keen interest of mine. Even so, must confess I still have to finish the first scene of my own... Be sure to check out the examples created by the REALVIZ team!

It's been great working with REALVIZ on this product, and I hope it's only the first project we work on.