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Pinch me, I must be dreaming (the Safari / sw3d bug)

Last week, Thomas Higgins posted a note about Quicktime 7 preview for Windows breaking support for Quicktime video in Shockwave. The artcle reads:

At this time we believe that we've identified the underlying cause of this issue as a bug in the QuickTime Player code itself but are working with Apple in order to confirm that fact and to see what type of fix will be required (...)

The we are working with Apple bit almost prompted me to add a snaring comment about some other, older bugs that they are also working on with Apple; the infamous Shockwave 3d offset bug... Then again I realised that nagging again and again would not make me popular (and I do want to be popular with Macromedia).

But just a few minutes ago, I read on Developer Dispatch that the 3d offset bug may finally be fixed! That looks really promising. I hope the fix will make it to a new release of Safari soon.

More fixes that finally make me a bit happy about Safari are coming up; The new Surfin Safari blog mentions that fixes are underway for Safari's implementation of in-browser WYSIWYG editing -like IE and Firefox already have. That would make posting content and comments on (among other sites I manage) a lot nicer.



... but it's looking good


at last!