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How the windmill got its blades

For the second World Wide Panorama event I shot the windmills near Kinderdijk. At the time I whined that the 20 or so windmille Kinderdijk were really nothing special (compared to - say - the Taj Mahal or the piramids of Giseh); looking out of my window I was looking at no less than 4 historic windmills in Schiedam... Since then Tessa and I have moved to a better part of Schiedam, and though I am more than happy with my new view the windmills just fall outside my viewing frustrum on either side of our house.

Fortunately we live only about 100 meters from one of Schiedam's juniper distilleries, who decided to build a brand new (traditional) windmill just for us... Last friday, we witnessed how the windmill got its blades after more than a year's construction time.

You can see in the panorama we had some snow for the past couple of days. Not much, but enough for a couple of nice panoramas in the snow. Here's one of the bridge towards the windmill (which is behind the tungsten-lit building of the distillery across the water).

Notice the hilarious billboard for the new housing estate currently being planned in our back yard... ?



Best een cool pano geworden :-)