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Kinderdijk: Panoramic kitsch

Following the succes of this first World Wide Panorama weekend back in march, where I participated despite of the bad wheather, last weekend saw second attempt at showing the world what panoramic imaging is all about.

Whereas last time round, every photographer was free to make a pano of whatever wherever he/she was during the designated weekend, this time there was a theme: it was decided to support Tito Dupret's initiative and make panoramas of World Heritage sites.

I was looking forward to photographing the Oosterschelde Kering, as I was sure this impressive strcuture would be on the World Heritage list. Guess what... It isn't. Instead I went to Kinderdijk. 32 windmills in a typical grassy environment with ugly residential areas on the horizon. I may be biased, looking at 3 windmills from my window, but I think the Kinderdijk is severely overrated, and doesn't belong in the same list as the Great Barrier Reeve, Taj Mahal, Yellowstone Park, etc.

Nevertheless, here's an initial stich of a nice piece of Dutch panoramic kitsch (Shockwave required)



Here's one more panorama over at Kinderdijk.

In this scene, the 'wings' of the mill were turning at up to about 2 seconds per revolution. That's about two wings passing per second. An impressive event even for me, these wings are quite large and heavy. I had to synchronise my (philopod) shooting with the revolutions of the wings in order to get the shadows right. I'll probably try to bring in a bit more motion blur into the wings at some time...