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My summer oddysee

If, in my next weblog entries, I am talking about my oddysee, this is what I refer to...

On august 26th at around 5 am, Tessa and I set off to Hoek of Holland, to catch a ferry. We were  going to Portsmouth, to attend the annual International Kite Festival. We returned in the night from monday to tuesday at around 2 in the morning.

The ... er ... same morning at 7 am, I left for Schiphol airport to take a plane to Dublin, to attend and present on Eurographics (missing Tessa's birthday, sorry Tessa). EG was nice to have experienced, though at times it was hard to relate to the hardcore GPU programmers there ('yes, I make and look at bare environment maps, all day long'). Friday morning, 3 am I took a cab to Dublin airport to return to Schiphol, the Netherlands.

When I go to Schiphol to take a plain somewhere, it always feels a bit odd to buy a single train ticket. Normally, I buy return tickets, but obviously not when I leave for a couple of days. Well, I can now tell you that it feels even weirder to be buying a return ticket to home from the airport. The same afternoon I was back at Schiphol with Tessa and a new set of luggage, this time leaving to Bristol for the annual International Kite Festival. I finally returned home to a very cranky (yet happy to see me) cat,  the next monday...

Schiedam - Portsmouth - Schiedam - Dublin - Schiedam - Bristol - Schiedam in not much longer than a week.  Couldn't I have done that a bit more efficient (there are direct flights from Dublin to Bristol...)? Yes, I could, but this was cheaper. And simpler. Really.