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Tremani kite

I've changed jobs recently as you all must have noticed by now. My overall happiness has improved by 500% and what better way to celebrate this than by building a new kite!

My new colleagues really enjoyed our kite display (during a company boat trip) and demanded a Tremani kite. I don't know if they really expected me to go along with this but I did so here it is... (drumroll)

Tremani kite

We took these pictures on a very drab, windless (newyears) day. But we couldn't resist finally testing the kite. It flew absolutely perfect (tears are forming in my eyes just thinking about it). Not all my kites are this well behaved...

Perfect flight 

Since there was almost no wind we had to create our own wind by letting out a lot of line and then quickly pulling it in. This also explains why the kite isn't wearing it's beautiful blue tails (2, one on each side). There simply wasn't enough (if any) wind.



Zoals iedereen kan zien is ook Tremani met Tessa in de wolken!

Although its design is rather quite simple, the kite is wonderful to look. I was surprise to know that it even flew on a windless day considering its huge size. The image on the kite looks like a hair regrowth watching it from afar.