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Vista beta 2 cleaning up my computer?

Microsoft released beta 2 of Windows Vista to the public. Curious as I am, I decided to see if I could download the 3.12 GB DVD image. I got a decent 200-180 Kb/s (hey, the whole world is downloading the file), but look at the progress I am making:

Negative 22 percent? The number actually went down when the download progressed (ie: it started at -1%). Internet Explorer must be cleaning up my computer before I can download Vista. Or someone's using a 'signed long' for the filesize and download that should be unsigned... A signed long can represents a maximum number of 2 'giga' (2*1024*1024*1024). Values above that are represented as negative. Ofcourse, the really interesting question is, what happens in IE if you try to download a file larger than 4 GB?

Had I given the download long enough, the progress would have magically gotten back to positive when I crossed the 2 Gb line (both the total size and downloaded size would probably be negative). However, I decided I needed to get back to work and I'ld need my bandwidth. I'll try again tonight. IE isn't the right tool to be downloading 3.12 Gb with anyway...



Where can this Windows vista be downloaded? is it free? Whre you facing problem with its download in Internet Explorer? why dont you try Firefox. iam using Fire Fox and I think it is better than Internet Explorer.

Google for 'vista customer preview program'...
I'm using both IE and Firefox