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Tiny theme update

The CSS dropdowns now work on IE under XP SP2 too! Unfortunately I could not change the mime-type of .htc files on this server, so I had to switch to a javascript solution. I am now using Dean Edward's excellent set of scripts that solves not only the hover problem that disabled the menu system, but also many other CSS related bugs as well as support for transparent PNGs.

On to more important stuff...

PS: Known issues in the current theme:

  • IE does not render the submenus (eg gadgets)
  • In IE there is some fishyness with Drupal's form elements in the content entry forms in combination with my CSS layout; some of the text boxes get extended beyond the browser page width when typing in them, some controls get drawn over the menu system, etc. Can't have it all in one go...
  • The whole thing still looks suspiciously like Rubric


In Safari the calendar goes through the text in the blog pages (not in the "system pages" or the user view page

And just one interaction remark. I just want a one-click link to the homepage. If I go to on top left I first have to wait for the menu to drop down and then go to frontpage. The other drop down menus are "acceptable".

Good point about the one-click access to the homepage. Though in essence the Frontpage link in the menu is still one-click (and a hover), I'll see what I can do about that link. It will take some patching of drupal modules though, as no amount of CSS on this world will allow me to change the menu H2 title into an A :-(

The calendar looks fine to me on Safari on iBo, even when scaling the text through Command + and - (EMs all the way, no pixel sizes for me ;-) ). I will take your word something's still wrong though, it was bound to be...

by the way, the calendar gives me no problems anymore (should have made a screenshot), I like the latest links on left.. a cool feature would be to give the href a title tag that says something about author and time of posting when you roll over the link