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The black plague of S2 cameras(2)

So my S2 Pro died on friday April 22nd. I handed it in for repair on wednesday, April 27th. I finally received it back this morning, friday June 3rd, more than 6 weeks later!

What strikes me as odd, other than the fact that it took so much longer than some other repairs who quoted as little as 36 hours, is that Fuji in the Netherlands seems to be the only ones charging for the repair; Sure, Fuji NL didn't charge me for the replaced CCD, but it still cost me ~180 euro labour, whereas Fuji US, Fuji Canada and Fuji Germany are doing the same repair free of charge. I even phoned Fuji NL to inquire if they had more cameras with the same problem in the Netherlands, and they answered to the extend of  'yeah, we've quite a couple coming in'. Nice way to earn money for what looks suspiciously like a production flaw...

Then again, I did not really have much choice, did I? I needed to get the camera repaired, and Fuji NL would be the only ones capable of doing it... That sort of stinks.

Update: And it's official! The repair should have been free of charge. If I had bought the camera in the US...



I agree, you're getting hosed. But when you go digital you are getting a rather fragile electronic mechanism, kind of like carrying your TV set around with you (and if you ever get a little moisture, dust, or sand inside the body, say good-bye). My 35mm Nikon would have outraged me if it malfunctioned once in 25 years (which it hasn't) but these days if you get a year past the warranty coverage it's considered 'reliable'.