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Sziget panoramas now using SPi-V

Since a couple of weeks, SPi-V is now available as an option to view the panoramas of the Sziget 2005 festival Media Farm. The site employs my server-side quicktime parser to parse the quicktime vr files and create a SPi-V XML file from it. The image data is harvested from the original quicktime file on the fly.

Quicktime version and SPi-V version of the same panorama. The scripts working in the background will remember your last viewer choice, so once you have selected SPi-V for viewing all the fullscreen panoramas from the panorama page will use SPi-V, untill you select quicktime.

Ofcourse, since SPi-V is so much cooler than Quicktime ( ;-D ), I have added some nice touches like a 'screensaver' behavior. Leave the panorama alone for a couple of seconds and you'll see.

Andras Frenyo, the instigator of the whole Sziget Media Farm project was recently interviewed by VRMag, who also have a small piece up on the Sziget project.

In related news, Matthias Taugwalder (also featured on VRMag) also chose to offer SPi-V as an alternative to Quicktime for his panoramas from the top of the Matterhorn.