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Sziget festival panos

After an intense weekend in Budapest, the first batch of panoramas of the Sziget 2005 festival are up.

I have uploaded 10 panoramas to the panoramic images page. These panoramas are the result of three afternoons and nights shooting, and late nights and mornings stitching (Sleep? Who needs sleep?). Today was the last day of the festival (though I returned home on monday), so the panoramic coverage is/was sort of 'live'.

The panoramas are currently only available in Quicktime format, but it speaks of itself that I'm working on offering SPi-V playback as well. It's odd to find myself on the 'receiving end' of trying to get my stuff to work on a server that I don't have much control over...

Anyway, the festival was a great experience. This being my first real festival, it sort of makes me feel sorry/stupid for not joining my student friends who would go to Roskilde yearly. Doh! Then again, I don't know if I would have appreciated the festival this much without the press card and panorama 'assignment'. 

The pano-head I put together friday morning worked very nicely. Though I always smile when I see people lugging around big camera/lenses and heavy tripods, they do make a difference in some cases. Not only can you make night-time, long exposure panoramas, but I could also use the tripod and camera (and press card ;-) held above my head to get people to let me walk straigth through a packed crowd. Fortunately, my setup still weighs next to nothing, which makes carrying it around a breeze.