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SPi-V is available

I can't believe I 'missed' this. Back in november, I finally released SPi-V to the world. Here's another fine press release, along with some new demos.

I sold a couple of licenses already. It's pretty exciting to see what other photographers are doing with the engine. Though most use SPi-V just to display panoramic images, some (try to) do more exciting stuff. Greg Downing asked my help in doing a cool super zoom panorama.

The engine release was rather timely; In october the 'Delft Integraal', the scientific magazine of the Delft University of Technology, featured an article about my work. The 41.000 copy issue also featured a nice rendition of my Kinderdijk panorama. Late last year, an english version of the article appeared in the Delft Outlook (including yet another cover image!).

In related news, I'm rather anxiously awaiting the release of a competing panorama viewer technology: Immervision's G2 java viewer. So far, their first public demo shows impressive performance from java. I have to wonder what their bussiness model is though. Since I released SPi-V (yeah! beat them to it ;-), their homepage says:

Currently in beta version, the general public version will be released before the end of the year, always for free.

The 'always for free part' was added after my release. Good to see that I'm not the only one missing selfimposed deadlines though.

Unfortunately, having been offline for essentially the full month of december made me miss out on two great pano-projects: The 4th World Wide Panorama project which was launched on december 31st, and Hans Nyberg's collection of New Year's panoramas on Better luck next year?


New demos are really awesome ;-)

- Reality