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Parade 2006: Sunset and Ellen ten Damme

Yesterday, Tessa and I joined some of her colleagues at a very enjoyable 'Parade'. 'De Parade' marks the start of the theatre season in the Netherlands. A group of theatre performers travels from city to city in a couple of weeks to try out their new theatre programmes.

False color IR sunset @ Flickr

Since I'm still somewhat in love with my IR fisheye lens, I decided to do an IR shot of the sunset (pano). The IR filter blocks out most light, so with the waning light of the setting sun and at ISO 100, I ended up with an exposure of more than a second. I like the ghosting of the people in motion, while the rest of the image is sharp. The version above is what's called a 'false color' version; I have altered the colors so the sky is blue again, even though most blue light is blocked by the filter. For comparisson, here's the 'true color' version, which is more like what the camera saw.

Ellen ten Damme signing session

The talented-yet-surprisingly-small Ellen ten Damme had her first tryout yesterday, and after the tryout she had a CD/poster/shirt signing session outside (pano). It turns out I'm not a good paparazzi, I hated being in the way of actual fans trying to get a personal chat with Ellen. Ofcourse having to be upclose with my 8mm fisheye lens doesn't help much. I have some very nice sharp-as-a-tack shots of the back of Ellen's head, but she's kind of motionblurry in the only good en-face I have.

PS: I only just noticed I have not taken out the tripod in the IR shot... Oh well...