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Panoramic kite photography

Frank sent me an email with a link to Scott Haefner's kite born panoramic images. That must mean Scot's site made it to the blogosphere once more. I thought this would make a good first entry for the kite topic...

The first kite panoramas I saw are by Philippe Hurbain. Scott's panoramas may look better (lower position, more interesting locations), but Philo really is a genius. Apart from kiteborn panoramas he also invented the virtual tripod or 'Philopod', which I use exclusively for my panoramic photography.

Both Scott and Philo have some explanations online, and if you really want to get started with KAP (kite aerial photography), engadget featured some howto's (which are amusing but should not be taken too seriously... wrong kite, wrong suspension, etc).

Personally I'ld still not be too sure about putting an unprotected fisheye lens, fulnerable side down on a kite, but I'ld really like to do something like this some day. Ever since I bought my Fuji DSLR with proper fisheye lens, I haven't done much with my coolpix fisheye lens...


Well you can take the Powershot S200 up for a ride anytime! But the fisheye lens you should keep on the ground.

Well, for a mere US$ 49 I can get a precision machined adapter to fit my Coolpix Fisheye lens to an Ixus:

Too bad Tessa's Ixus has no remote or timed control...

I've got a Canon a95, i'm not professional photografer, but as for me it's cool camera :-)

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