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Panoblogging from Reboot8.0

I am currently in Copenhagen attending Reboot 8.0. During the two day conference I'll be posting panoramas here. Since the conference is all about the social web 2.0 thing, I'm using Flickr and my new SPi-V for Flickr tool.
(requires shockwave and 32 mb of Video Ram or more)

opening words

Thomas Madsen-Mygdal opened the conference around 9:30 on thursday. I took this panorama and had it stitched on 9:50. Obviously, I didn't take this panorama to look pretty, it was about speed and live blogging. Hence the suboptimal exposure, and the visible tripod. Normally I shoot without the tripod, but then again, normally I take about a 1 - 1.5 hours to stitch the result. I could of course edit out the tripod using photoshop, but hey... speed.

Update 13:15: In hindsight it's not all that surprising that with ~300 people accessing one or two access points, all uploading photos to Flickr, I had quite a hard time uploading the panorama. So in my second panorama of the day, you can see Ianus and me attending Matt Webb's session, while keeping an eye on the Powerbook that was uploading the image. Again, something I don't normally do, putting myself in the panorama...

Matt Webb's session 

Update 15:45: It's been a rather drowsy rainy day so far, but come lunch, come sunshine. This panorama shows the nice Kedelhallen, the conference venue. Note that this one took a bit longer to stitch since it was actually shot without a tripod...


Update 25:00: Dinner was served in the main hall. Great atmosphere with the sun getting low outside, and candlelit tables. Nice food too.

Update 39:00: Last night, after dinner, I really liked the candle-and-projector-lit mood in anticipation of the Reboot party. Is there a name for the blue screen a projector shows when there's no video source? Blue screen of boredom sounds too negative for this nice image, hence the 'blue screen of anticipation':


Today's a lot nicer than yesterday. Here's a nice mood-shot of attendees enjoying the sun during a short break, but unlike the one I did at lunch yesterday I used a IR filter which blocks out most light, but keeps the IR part of the scala. Weird colors, a groovy lens flare and a nice dark sky are the results. Amazingly, Matt Webb managed to get in this shot again.


Update from home: Here are probably the last two Reboot panoramas for a while. I have shot lots more, but I am affraid they will end up on the 'stitch-when-I-have-the-time' stack.

When I was done shooting the dinner shot (see the 25:00 update above), I could not immediately find Ianus at the table where I last saw him. Our beers were there, our food was there, but no Ianus... Then I realised I had seen Thomas and his kid in the food-line, so I figured I'ld probably find Ianus if I'ld find them. And indeed, I found Ianus melting away while letting Thomas' son play with Cabinet


With Reboot now over, and things getting back to normal back in Schiedam, here's a last shot of the Kedelhallen in Copenhagen. It's been great.


I came across your blog quite accidentally and Iam astonished by the kind of pictures you have put up. I would like to know how you get these effects into your pictures? Is it any specil software? Please do reply me. And hey !!! gotta say this.. wonderful pictures.. especially the 6th one. KUDOS

The images are 'stiched' together from multiple fisheye shots. I use PTGui and lots of Photoshop for stitching.

The 6th image is a false color infrared panorama. There's more info ïn an earlier post.

Hey went through the other link.. Cool.. really cool.. that is a hell lot of imagination... have u use the IR panaroma in these pics too?