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My panoramas are going places!

The Panorama Mesdag museum is currently hosting an exhibition of panoramic photos by members of the IVRPA (International VR Photographers Association, formerly the IQTVRA). The exhibit includes 4 images by myself, including a hyperbolic view of the Widnmills of Kinderdijk. That particular image was chosen to represent the exhibition to the public, so it will appear in some tourist magazines etc.

In related news Cebit, the biggest consumer electronics show in Europe, opens today. Last thursday, I was asked permission to show some of my panoramic images on a cylindrical screen / VR setup. Turns out a group within the Fraunhofer Institut (famous for inventing the MP3 format), will be showing off their cool new screen at Cebit. They will be showing some (sponsored) videos, a couple of 'classic' VR applications, and my panoramas. I'll be checking them out personally, take some snaps.

Inspired, I took to stitching a couple more panoramas last weekend I rather like. The first one's a depiction of last week's freak snow fall. The tungsten light in the park right outside Tessa and my new home really made the oldest city park in the Netherlands look good.

I also really like the dynamics of the panorama I took last summer at Liverpool Street station in London while waiting for the train back to Harwich. Though there's a lot of motion blur in the image (I think I used fully handheld 1 second exposures), none of the people in the image were 'cut' on the seam of two shots. The severed feet in on the floor nicely show how walking works; you put one foot in front of the other, and don't move it untill you have made the next step with the other foot. So the feet don't have any motion blur, but the people do...




Your hyperbolic windmill is really neat. I've had high end pano equipment for some time and I've
been trying to compose a similar perspective shot from the top fo Crater Lake Oregon, USA and had
no luck so far. I was just wondering if you'd mind sharing which software you used and some of the
basic settings. Thanks, Jeff.

I am using Flexify by Flaming Pear