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I need buttons!

How's Tabitha doing these days? Just fine actually. I'm using my Tablet quite a lot, and doing presentations from a tablet (tethered to a projector) impresses the hell out of people ;-). I like walking around a bit while presenting, and the TC1100 lets me do just that. After about one and a half hour she gets a bit heavy, but other than that the formfactor is just perfect. I just gotta train my left arm a little.

I've even been using Tabitha to get some stitching done while traveling. This kind of works, though picking controlpoints is a bit tricky in a moving train. When using photoshop though, I could use some additional buttons. The TC1100 has 3 reprogrammable buttons and a rocker switch, but unfortunately it only has system-wide settings; I need different buttons/keys when I am using Photoshop than when I am eg using my SPi-V engine. I have been trying to set up Girder to make the buttons behave differently for different applications, but I'm not there just yet.

Another option I have been thinking about is using a bleutooth phone I hold in the same hand I'm holding the TabletPC with. The tablet rests on my left arm, and leaves most of myleft hand available to grasp a phone. Phones have buttons, and with the TC1100 builtin bluetooth and some software wizardry, this could be interesting. Ofcourse, I don't have a bluetooth enabled phone. Time to get one?