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Green led on Apple's Mac Mini?

When Apple released the Mac Mini last year, I immediately wanted one (and bought one too). Over the past couple of weeks, rumors arose that a new, Intel based mac mini was to be released at yesterday's Apple Special Event. And it was.

Few people may have noticed though, that there are clear signs that the end of the world is upon us. Steve 'I-wear-sneakers-because-I-am-vegan' Jobs presented a leather pouch for the iPod, and the mac mini has a green led! Or has it?

A green led or no green led... which is it? 

Knowing my own mac mini, and looking for differences, I first could not find a led on the product photos that were posted to That was because the LED was a bright green color, against a light grey background. I immediately moaned and groaned to my good friend Ianus, and wanted to show the horror to my colleagues this morning, only to find that the graphics on are no longer showing a green LED!

Here is a comparisson of yesterday's graphics (from my cache) and today's rendition. Apart from the green led in the top graphic, notice how the iMac graphics in the second image have become more widescreen, and the (great, but non-disney) Wallace and Grommit movie has fallen out of grace. Apparently, people didn't like the look of the slot loading drive either, and we'ld rather have a fake reflection these days.

For the non-believers, the dutch Apple site still had the original graphics when I posted this...




IMOH, the reason why the second image has a [hgh] bright green LED, as compared to the first one is because the unit has been turned on when the picture was taken. The first one obviously had been turned off while it was done.

In my own honest opinion, the issue lies not on the image itself but rather on the way the product was operated when it was shot. The green light signifies that the power source of the product is on, while on the other one it is off. My desktop computer has a green LED and I clearly see, as I write this comment, that the LED is very bright which is not the case when it is off.

Thank you clint (or should I say clarence?) for you wonderful insight (or should I say spam?). It's interesting to see how much energy blog spammers are putting in fake comments these days; I'ld almost start thinking you actually read the post and have half a clue what you're talking about. For your information, Apple has used white power leds ever since the first iMac.

I took the liberty to remove the links from your comment(s).