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Google likes me!

Google will always be a bit of a mystery. I know roughly how pages get indexed and ranked: Google looks at body text and page titles for indexing, and ranks pages by the number of individual other pages that link to them. But some of the hits I'm getting from google are baffling.

Before Google launched their new scholar engine (and probably added a lot of scientific pages to their database), this page at the ID-Studiolab was the 7th hit when you searched for assistant professor. How on earth am I the 7th assistant professor? Even now, I'm on the 2nd page of results (though my ranking may change by merely mentioning the page on my blog).

Google may just be very weblog minded these days. The ID-Studiolab is using a blog-based CMS, just like SPi-V dev, the developers' resource for the SPi-V engine is based on Drupal, and since the site has gone public it gets similar great ranking in google for the strangest of search phrases:

So Google really likes me. But I don't know why. I could understand why my ID-Studiolab page gets indexed so well (though there are other assistant professors at the lab who have a page as well, what makes me more special than them?); many people over the world link to the ID-Studiolab website. But the only one linking to the SPi-V dev pages is me, from the fieldOfView website. Could it be that my pages get ranked higher because Drupal makes all links to SPi-V dev pages absolute pages?


It's not just SPi-V dev either. Searching for the lingo command importFileInto() brings you almost instantly to!

Update 2:

As google-favoured assistant professor, I am back on page 1 as of januari 10th. Hurray! More amazingly, I am now the first link when looking for 'embedding shockwave' (up from 6). Just after I posted this story, my 'shockwave panorama' ranking dropped a few places, but now I'm back on the second spot again... Nice!



Dat is wel stoer, zesde zijn in google scholar. Bij de gewone google komen we met coelo en coelo onderzoek meestal op de eerste pagina en worden we vaak als een van de eerste genoemd, maar op google scholar zijn we nog niet te vinden.
Ik vind zelf de zoekmachine van de volkskrant wel grappig (om binnen de volkskrant te zoeken). Vorige week stond er een artikel in over lokale lasten (OZB, rioolrecht, zalmsnip enzo) en daar werd ik ook genoemd. Als je nu zoekt naar zalmsnip in de volkskrant wordt bij de suggestie voor andere zoektermen ook 'Corine Hoeben' gezet.