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Camera news

DPReview has some news about Fuji's upcoming S3 camera.

I'm using an S2 for my panoramic photography, and am very happy with the camera. If the Canon 300D and/or Nikon 70D would have come out sooner, I would have probably bought one of those, but in the end I think it is a good thing I went for the S2. It's a great camera.

Now the S3 is something I'm really looking forward to. Many people are whining it is only such a small update from the S2. No 'professional body', no full frame sensor and no actual higher resolution. The only major new feature is increased dynamic range. And that's exactly the feature I was hoping for ;-)

The Adaptive Dynamic Range trick in my SPi-V engine dynamically blends two different exposures. The neat thing about the S3 is that in effect, it takes two exposures at the same time. A perfect match? I hope to speak to some Fuji reps this summer when I attend the Photokina fair in K