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The fish have returned!

My fish have returned! After a long period of no fish and a sad empty tank :-( Although it had its uses during Christmas. An empty aquarium makes an ideal extra light-and-greenery feature.

Pictures of my new fish will follow suit!




I noticed your blog about your fishes, and is eagarly awaiting the pics of your fish. If you got good photos, I welcome your pics in my blog at :)

Looking forward to seeing your fishes.

Submitted by bright ( Can you tell us the names of species (fish) and number of fish you have?

I have certain pics of my fishes too. Any way that i can add my fish's pictures in your blog?

Thanks for your interest, but we generally only post our own pictures

hi Tessa,i am actually an admirer of fishes,i
love fishes a lot,i even have an aquarium in my house and i would like to know more about fishes and the new varieties of them,i am new to this field!hope i will get more information from here..i am eagerly waiting for the photos and i am really curious about it.