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Make me beautiful - first pictures

So here are the promissed pictures of the Big Healey. By now it is probably even more stripped down, and may already be at the blaster's workshop

The first 2 pictures show the general state of the vehicle. Completely stripped of its body work, and all chrome parts, instruments, wiring and electrics in boxes (details of guts in picture 7).

Picture 3 and 4 show the gearbox and some rotten floorplan parts. Although the gearbox looks nice, it is actually the worst part of the so called previous 'restoration'. It seems to have had a complete overhaul, but was never put together properly, causing a serious misfunctioning of the 2nd gear and heavy oil leaking. The floorplan was not good in general, but this is a common problem of roadsters - at least it looks as if it was mostly original (besides the glass-fiber mattings).

Picture 5 shows the Healey is at least in good hands; the XK 150 is obvious, and the trained eye will also spot a Ferrari 275, another XK and a cover on another Ferrari (348 if I remember correctly). Picture 13 shows the Healey's bodywork next to the Healey number 50 which went on an epic rally through Africa earlier this year. It was also prepared by Sports Car Centre.

Picture 6 shows the location of the chassis number - the number itself is not visible though. Another major oversight of the importer (which happens to be the same as the restorer of the gearbox); this is the default location of this number as I explained in my previous blog on the subject (it is clearly mentioned in the bible of Healey restoration; Austin-Healey Restoration Guide).

The rest of the pictures speak for itself; some more common rot, another identification number and pictures of body work and suspension.



I'm ofcourse only assuming it's "a she". I thought I saw some green underneath all that rust... Is it really a big car? Well... in comparison with the others she probably is. I'm no expert on cars (as you now) but I think she's going to look really cool when she's finished (somewhere in the next century? sorry, just kidding :-) The blue one is going to be my alltime favourite though.