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Goodwood Festival of Speed

Goodwood was briliant... Lot's of cars I only read about and never hoped to see in reallife - from just a few meters. Exciting hillclimbs (especially from Peter Hartman and David Franklin - who happened to stay at our B&B), good company and a nice dash through the Netherlands, Belgium, France and England on our way to and from the event.

The Healey helt itself supurbly, although the engine and carburetors definitely have seen better times. Drifting on the English country roads was great fun, and the Healey got a new share of admirerers.

I hope to get some pictures online soon, but with the gliding vacation coming up next week, I won't be able to get it out soon. In the meantime, please enjoy Mattijs' pictures, made on Friday, Saturday and Sunday



Hi Maarten? Hope you are fine. How is Netherlands your Mam and Dad, sisters and brothers especially Corine whom i once worked with in Uganda in 1993? Plz send me her contact especially email adress so that i can get in touch with her. Iam on email adress:

I will be very happy to hear from you.

James Tibenkana

maarten the pictures are really nice. I have enjoyed a lot. We do not have such in Uganda and possibly in the whole of Africa. I wish i could come to Netherlands one time. And iam sure i will very soon with your support.